Evaluation of training, monitoring outcomes and existing routines adaptations needs

This document reports the results of the survey to check the sector needs and to update the skill needs on the Mediterranean ecoengineering sector.
It has been addressed to people, companies and institutions linked to the field of soil and water ecoengineering, as designers, private companies, people working in academic and research institutions, contractors and subcontractors, local governments, suppliers, university undergraduated and graduated students, within the European countries involved in the project.
The survey was conducted through five online questionnaires.
The aim of each questionnaire was to better understand the current state, the future needs and changes to be undertaken by the soil and water bioengineering sector across a range of Mediterranean countries including Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, FYROM and Greece at the different stages.
The 5 questionnaires were:
  • A design stage including 37 questions. 116 responses;
  • A construction stage including 31 questions. 49 responses;
  • A monitoring stage including 26 questions. 39 responses;
  • A training stage including 26 questions. 84 responses;
  • A company/enterprise stage including 20 questions. 47 responses;
About 335 valid questionnaires were totally filled in by respondents mostly belonging to the seven Mediterranean countries involved in the project.

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